Dark Impulse (2011): A Spanish Thriller

Dark Impulse (2011), a gripping Spanish thriller, stars the captivating Veronica Echegui, Alex García & Juan Pablo Shuk. The original Spanish title is ‘Lo Mejor De Eva’.

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The Plot: Judicial Ethics Meets Forbidden Passion

Eva (Leonor Watling) is a young, integrous, and relentless judge. Her judicial career, prompted by her father, a former prosecutor, has shaped her in his image. With him now in a coma, she finds herself dealing with the death of a young stripper, Liuba (Polina Kiryanova). This sets the stage for Lo mejor de Eva aka Dark Impulse (2011), directed by Mariano Barroso. It’s his comeback after Hormigas en la boca(2005) and Kasbah (2000).

Leonor Watling as Eva
Leonor Watling as Eva

Dark Impulse starts as a typical courtroom drama, where we get to know the Eva. What initially appears as a straightforward legal proceeding, soon spirals into an unexpected romantic entanglement as Eva falls for Rocco (Miguel Angel Silvestre), the key witness and former boyfriend of the murdered girl. As Eva and Rocco’s relationship tightens, the film morphs into a high-voltage erotic thriller. The scenes showcasing the chemistry between the protagonists are the film’s best parts.

From Courtroom to Bedroom: Eva’s Struggle with Desire

Eva’s life, which has always been deeply entrenched in her legal work, begins to unravel as she succumbs to her intense attraction to Rocco. The judge, initially cold and distant, transforms into a passionate woman driven by impulses she never knew she possessed.

Leonor Watling from Dark Impulse
Leonor Watling from Dark Impulse

These drastic changes not only affect her personal life but also have implications for the ongoing murder case. As the plot progresses, the line between right and wrong becomes increasingly blurred, pulling the viewer into a thrilling whirlpool of suspense and eroticism.

Echoes of Urbizu: A Tale of Two Judges

The film, in some ways, echoes Enrique Urbizu’s No Rest For the Wicked (2011), which also features a judge with many similarities to Eva. However, where Urbizu’s film focused on a cop, Barroso’s centers on Eva’s life. Everything changes when Rocco (Miguel Angel Silvestre), the boyfriend of the murdered girl, becomes the key witness.

From Verdict to Vulnerability: The Dark Impulse of Events

The film grips the viewer’s attention from the get-go. However, due to its unpredictability and sudden shifts in tone and genre, it may lead to some confusion. The transformation of Dark Impulse from a courtroom drama into an erotic thriller could take the viewer by surprise.

Leonor Watling from Dark Impulse
Leonor Watling from Dark Impulse

Despite these abrupt shifts, the film does an impressive job of maintaining the suspense and intrigue throughout, offering a thrilling experience for those who enjoy genre-bending narratives.

The Lighting of the film, particularly in the erotic scenes, is noteworthy. The camera work in these scenes is exceptional, creating an ambiance that accentuates the charged chemistry between Eva and Rocco.

A Final Thought: Dark Impulse

The way Dark Impulse combines elements of a courtroom drama with those of an erotic thriller, echoes the tonal shifts seen in films such as Basic Instinct. It also reflects narrative elements seen in Body Heat, where the lines between law and desire, right and wrong, are obscured, creating a morally grey space that is as intriguing as it is unsettling. The film’s unique blend of genres sets it apart, while also drawing parallels with other classics in the erotic thriller category.

Miguel Angel Silvestre as Rocco
Miguel Angel Silvestre as Rocco

So, if you are a fan of such movies, give it a try. Dark Impulse is an interesting pick for those looking for a film that is not just a thriller but also explores into human psychology and sensuality.

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