Hello I’m Akhil Pillai.

TL;DR I’m a growth specialist where I invest in market research to identify potential growth opportunities and user needs. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including Product, Sales, and Operations, to develop and launch new campaigns and products that drive growth.

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I write on the three topics:




Outside of Marketing, I invest my time on Neuro Linguistic Programming,  i_Filmiholic & Medium.

I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kerala (scored 3.77 points out of 4). I built a product called ‘bookebow.com’ after my grdauation to support financially backward students. Now, I am building tools for keyword analysis and extractions using NLP & a cute Python.

I like to read. Some of my recent favourites are:

I like to watch movies. Some of the things I’m recently watch:

I also like (and can talk at length about)Mathematics, Psychology, Travel, History and Trends. You can find me on Twitter or email me.