OTT Releases This Week: July 14

Are you waiting for the latest OTT releases this week? From romantic Love Tactics to Courtroom drama Trial…the list is fileld with a good number of thrillers, melo-drama and rom-coms movies.

Collage of OTT Releases This Week: July 14
OTT Releases This Week: July 14

The Trial: An intoxicating blend of personal drama and courtroom suspense!

OTT Platform: Disney+Hotstar
Directed by: Suparn Verma
Cast: Kajol, Jisshu Sengupta, Sheeba Chaddha, Kubbra Sait, Alyy Khan

Plot Synopsis:
The Trial is a legal drama series about a woman named Nayonika who is forced to restart her career as a lawyer after her politician husband is embroiled in a sex and corruption scandal. The series follows her journey as she balances her personal life with her professional commitments.
This is an adaptation of the international series The Good Wife.

  • The adaptation maintains the episodic legal drama style, combined with an overarching narrative, which keeps viewers on their toes.
  • The cast, featuring a range of talented actors, adds to the show’s appeal and credibility.

Maya Bazaar for Sale: A Fusion of Upper-Class Drama & Humour!

OTT Platform: Zee5
Directed by: Gautami Challgulla
Cast: Navdeep, Naresh, Eesha Rebba, Meiyang Chang, Ravi Varma

Plot Synopsis:
Maya Bazaar is a series about a luxurious apartment complex that is declared illegal by the government. The posh inhabitants of the complex are thrown into disarray as they scramble to cope with this upheaval.

  • The series explores the societal norms, legality, and the human will to survive under duress.
  • This season has seven episodes that promise a mix of drama and some humour here and there.

Survival of the Thickest: A delightful and poignant journey of self-love and fashion!

OTT Platform: Netflix
Created by: Michelle Buteau, Danielle Sanchez Witzel
Cast: Michelle Buteau, Tasha Smith, Tone Bell, Anissa Felix, Liza Treyger

Plot Synopsis:
Survival of the Thickest centres on Mavis Beaumont (Michelle Buteau), a plus-sized African-American stylist in New York City. The series follows her journey post a breakup as she navigates the dating scene, the fashion world, and life’s unexpected challenges.

  • The show, based on a memoir of the same name, realistically portrays the struggles and triumphs of a marginalised woman in the modern world.
  • It balances comedy and drama effectively to highlight the intersection of race, body size, and fashion in society.
  • The character of Mavis breaks traditional stereotypes, expressing her love for fashion and styling, adding to the show’s unique charm.

Kohrra: A Gripping Tale of Murder and Mystery in Punjab

OTT Platform: Netflix
Directed by: Randeep Jha
Cast: Suvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti, Manish Chaudhari, Harleen Sethi, Varun Badola, Rachel Shelley

Plot Synopsis:
Set in the heart of Punjab, ‘Kohrra’ is an intriguing crime thriller that follows two diligent cops as they unravel the complex layers of a young NRI’s murder. This procedural thriller delves into the multi-faceted Punjabi society, touching upon themes such as love, migration, feudal feuds, and rampant drug culture. As the mystery unfolds, the protagonists also grapple with personal turmoil, adding a psychological dimension to the series.

  • ‘Kohrra’ offers a nuanced portrayal of Punjab, capturing its vibrant culture and underlying issues.
  • The narrative skillfully intertwines a police procedural with a psychological drama.
  • The series draws attention to significant societal concerns like land inheritance and NRI relations with their native land, & I believe it’s inspired by the murder of singer Moose Wala.

Love Tactics 2: The Game of Proposal

OTT Platform: Netflix
Directed by: Not Mentioned
Cast: Demet Özdemir, Şükrü Özyıldız, Atakan Çelik

Plot Synopsis:
In this sequel to ‘Love Tactics’, we revisit Asli and Kerem’s relationship. This time around, Asli is convinced that marriage is a scam, and surprisingly, Kerem agrees. However, Asli’s pride is at stake, and she is determined to get a proposal out of him, ensuing a hilarious comedy of errors.

  • Love Tactics 2 continues the engaging narrative of Asli and Kerem’s romantic endeavours, filled with humour and surprising twists.
  • The show explores the concept of marriage, personal egos, and the lengths people can go to protect them.
  • Love Tactics 2 is likely to resonate with fans of romantic comedies with its playful plot and relatable characters.

Janaki Jaane: Fear, Tear & Mere!

OTT Platform: Disney+Hotstar
Directed by: Aneesh Upasana
Cast: Navya Nair, Saiju Kurup, Johny Antony

Plot Synopsis:
Janaki Jaane revolves around Janaki, a woman plagued by irrational fears. Her fear of the dark and being alone in open or confined spaces becomes a constant struggle in her life. When she falls in love and marries Unni, they must confront these fears together. However, things take a dark turn when Janaki becomes a pawn in a political conspiracy during election canvassing. With the help of her husband and friends, Janaki realises she must confront her fears to reclaim her life and expose the truth.

  • The film combines elements of suspense, romance, and social commentary.
  • While the execution falls short of its potential, Navya Nair and Saiju Kurup deliver commendable performances.
  • Janaki Jaane remains a watchable film but I felt like the director spoiled the opportunity.

Thandatti: A Quirky Drama with Inconsistent Execution

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime
Director: Ram Sangaiah
Cast: Pasupathy, Rohini, Vivek Prasanna, Ammu Abhirami

Plot Synopsis:
Thandatti is a procedural drama set in a small village in Theni. The story revolves around Thangaponnu’s death and the subsequent battle among her children to claim her final possession, a pair of earrings. Subramani, a cop who abides by his own rules, gets involved in the case when Thangaponnu’s thandatti goes missing. As he faces opposition from the villagers, Subramani must navigate the challenges and uncover the truth.

  • Thandatti is worth watching only for Pasupathy’s compelling act and the village’s innocent charm.

Other OTT Releases This Week

Nenu Student Sir: An Average Thriller

OTT Platform: Aha
Director: Rakhi Uppalapati
Cast: Bellamkonda Ganesh, Avantika Dassani, Samuthirakani

Plot Synopsis: Nenu Student Sir follows Subbu, a college student determined to purchase the latest iPhone. However, his life takes a drastic turn when he becomes entangled in a murder case after buying the phone. To his surprise, a substantial amount of money is credited to his bank account. As Subbu struggles to prove his innocence, he unravels the truth behind the murder and the mysterious deposit.

Ishq-E-Nadaan: A Romantic Melo-Drama, set in a Crowded Metropolis

OTT Platform: Jio Cinema
Director: Avishek Ghosh
Cast: Mohit Raina, Lara Dutta, Neena Gupta, Kanwaljit Singh

Plot Synopsis: The movie traces the journeys of its protagonists, weaving a narrative of companionship and unconditional love. Directed by Avishek Ghosh, making his directorial debut, the film is an exploration of urban relationships, viewed through a lens of compassion and understanding. The film also reunites veteran actors Neena Gupta and Kanwaljit Singh, once an iconic television couple, demonstrating the transformative power and fun of acting.

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn: A Feel Good Love Story

OTT Platform: Manorama Max
Director: Adhil Maimoonath Asharaf
Cast: havana, Sharafudheen, Ashokan, Anarkali Nazar

Plot Synopsis: Aspiring vintage car dealer Jimmy spots a vintage car on the road and follows it to meet the owner. The owner is Nithya, his childhood sweetheart who he hasn’t seen in years after their parents forced them to break up. The two reunited lovers must decide whether to use this second chance to reconcile, despite the odds stacked against them.

OTT Sequels This Week

Storybots: Answer Time Season 2
OTT platform: Netflix

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2
OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

College Romance Season 4
OTT platform: SonyLIV

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